Use them to create a ripple impact

Former Shell Canada CEO Clive Mather invited a group of us to each consider what symbolized
our leadership.
I turned to four stones I had glued to a cheap wooden desk pen set:

  • A fragment of the Berlin wall – symbol of change and hope;
  • A small stone that reminds me I am in no position to cast stones – humility & respect;
  • A shard of pottery – the need to break free of assumptions and lead change;
  • An ammonite fossil – history, changing perspective & the hidden gem in all of us.

These are my touchstones. Each came from a different sector or time of my life. They help me
remember how I intend to show up as a leader.
If they remain only as a desk set, they are simply a curiosity – perhaps an oddity.

If they influence my leadership, they begin to have a broader impact. Our actions, our
leadership creates ripples as we influence those nearest who affect others . . . and the ripples

As leaders, we all want to influence others, to have impact and to leave a legacy. The greatest
impact we can have is to help develop other leaders, to create multiple ripples and broader

Sometimes the water is choppy – waves and other ripples make it hard to see impact, even to remember our touchstones or set our intentions. When it was hard to see the surface, let alone below the surface –that’s when I found coaching most valuable.

Being coached gives you time to reflect – to consider other perspectives, to remind yourself of your touchstones, to reimagine and to determine how you will make, see and measure your ripple impact. When the water is choppy, the coach provides a mirror – reflecting your
thoughts, without judgement.

Get in touch with your leadership; confirm your intentions; translate into action – track your
unique leadership ripple.